About Me

Hey guys, My name is Ryan Anderson. I have been making Minecraft servers for 10+ years. I used to own 2 large Minecraft servers including Litraids, Hyverse, and Divinity Cloud.

However, I have owned more servers such as FantasyCloud, HeroicRaids, DivineRaids, SavageRaids, and more. I have also helped manage and provide consultation to Hyvast, Valone, LitPvP, and Hytheria. Throughout my Journey, I have tested our various different Minecraft server hosts (shared hosting) as well as VPS and dedicated hostings. I have literally spent 5 figures on Minecraft server plugins and Minecraft server hosting. That’s why when it comes to Minecraft servers, Minecraft server plugins, and Minecraft hosting, I am your go-to guy.

On my blog, I will be sharing and giving advice on Best Minecraft Server Hosting, How To Start A Minecraft Server, How To Advertise Your Minecraft Server, How To Make Money from Your Minecraft Server, How To Launch a Successful Minecraft Server, and More!

As of right now, I do not own any networks or Minecraft servers so this is why I am sharing going to be sharing all the knowledge and experience I know from running Minecraft servers with you guys!

And all the other servers I have made include factions, network, Soup PvP, Skyblock, Tekkit, Prisons, Cracked, Minigames, Kitpvp, and more types of servers.

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