Best Minecraft Server Hosting | Quality & Affordable

Minecraft is a 3-D game, otherwise known as the ‘sandbox video game’, where you can create your own world virtually. You are allowed the freedom of playing it however you want. You can build, combat, survive, and live. You are promised your own world, and you can explore as you please.

Now, you know what’s even more fun than playing Minecraft alone? Playing Minecraft with friends!

However, if you want to play Minecraft you need to have a Minecraft server in order to be able to play with your friends!

In order for you to run a Minecraft server, you need proper Minecraft Server Hosting. I created this blog which goes over the Best Minecraft Server Hosting and everything there is to know about Minecraft Servers!

Below are the Top Minecraft Server Hosts (2023)

You must be aware of server hosting where you can set up and run your own Minecraft server live. And if you already host a server, you must know all the aspects of server hosting. But are you someone who is looking for high-quality Minecraft server hosting? Do you want to get a server that promises you great security along with enhanced performance, high uptime, and flexibility? In that case, you can proceed further and find the one which fulfills your requirements.

1. Apex Hosting

Apex Minecraft Hosting Homepage

Among plenty of hosting servers, Apex Hosting stands out and is of the best value Minecraft server hosting. Do you care to know why? Well, Apex Hosting promises to offer you an instant set-up, great customer support, and “peace of mind”. With various plugins, mini-games, and maps Apex Hosting is yours to use. You can be stress-free knowing that you have picked up a server that requires no hassle.


The minimum RAM to host Minecraft is 2 GB which is priced at $7.49 (for first month then $9.99) if billed monthly. Most of the higher-tier plans are also below $50 a month.


The server rarely goes out of availability and is there 24/7 with 99.9% uptime. The uptime is “excellent,” as per the experiences of many users. Although some faced downtime but it was rare and not exceeding a few minutes.

You can always check if the server is down or not by visiting their site at You can also check any previous downtime at the same link.

Network SLA

Two of the downtimes can possibly occur:

  • Emergency
  • Scheduled Downtime.

Emergency downtime is when the servers experience downtime when there is a hardware failure, or any vulnerability is detected. In such cases where shutdown is required to fix the issues on hand.

In case of scheduled Downtime, you will be informed before the actual downtime through the web panel of customer services. This downtime is not counted as you are informed beforehand. The server undergoes the necessary maintenance

Client credit is provided in case the uptime percentage falls below 99.9% for a month. You get one month of service credit if this happens. But to get this credit, you need to write an email to the company in under 30 days from the time you were eligible to get the credit.

If you fail to do so, you will be denied any client credit. And you cannot claim more than one month of service in a single calendar month. This means that if you face downtime twice in November, you are only eligible for only one month of credit

DDos Protection

Apex Hosting shields networks against DDoS attacks. And ensure the safety of your private IP and smooth going of your server as users claim that it can handle even the biggest of attacks, which is up to 300 GBps.

MySQL Database

Apex hosting allows you to use MySQL to store a huge amount of data conveniently. Some plugins will require you to allow the use of MySQL to do this job for you automatically. This data is stored in a spreadsheet, so it is also easily readable by a human.

Low Latency / Ping

One of the problems for any player may be lag or latency. Apex Hosting has many data centers that you can choose from which offer ultra low latency.

Automated Backups

All packages include automated backups. If you are running multiple servers, there are chances that you might sometimes forget to take backup. To prevent such incidents, Apex Hosting provides you the feature of taking backups automatically.

You can do this by scheduling your backups. Despite all the safety provided, if you still fear the possibility of being attacked, then don’t worry with its automated backups all your data is safe and you can restore it anytime using ‘restore feature’.

Customer Support

It comes with a reliable customer support live chat – available 24/7. Many users have tested and experienced their seamless service system which generally responds within minutes.

If you yourself want to look for solutions, you can go to their ‘knowledge base’ and access all the information and know-how.


Apex Hosting locations are all over South America, North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. With so many players across the globe, it establishes great connections throughout. It has multiple servers but for Minecraft there are 16 servers all over the world, from the U.S. to Brazil to Canada, Israel, Turkey, Japan, France, and Germany.

Slot/Player Limitation

Now, Apex Hosting claims that it has an unlimited players criterion for any server. But they have a recommendation chart for players recommended for each capacity of RAM

For 2 GB RAM you can host up to 10 players. If you go for 16 GB RAM, you can host more than 150 players.

Mods Allowed/Included

You can access all the mod packs on Apex Hosting with just one click. There are many versions to change to, if you like. Install popular mods easily, as long as the client side and server side has Forge installed. You can use an AppleSkin Mod for Minecraft. Or, a BetterEnd Minecraft mod, among several others.

Java Version Support

Apex Hosting offers support for Java. Players are given the freedom to install whichever version they prefer, including the Bedrock edition.

What I like about Apex Hosting

  • Apex Hosting is built keeping in mind all the gaming requirements.
  • It gives a smooth yet simple interface while ensuring network security.
  • And the bonus point is their dependable customer service.

What I dislike about Apex Hosting

  • Apex Hosting has a slot limitation although it states that it doesn’t restrict players’ slots.
  • It might seem a bit pricey because, in the era of the internet, there are many cheaper alternatives available.

2. ScalaCube Hosting

ScalaCube Homepage


The pricing of ScalaCube is a little more expensive than Apex Server Hosting. The minimum RAM to host a server is 1.5 GB RAM. It is priced at $5 for the first month and then $10 per month. The maximum RAM to host a server is 32 GB priced at $96 for the first month and then $192 per month.

There is an option to host a server with 6 GB RAM forever, for free, but this is the most basic feature and mod packs.


A guaranteed 99.9% uptime. Server availability is 24/7. Many users faced no downtime during hosting, while other long-term users claim to have faced a downtime of only a few minutes.

Network SLA

Network SLA has mentioned in case things go south. But if there is downtime there is necessary compensation available. With every 5 minutes of downtime players face, they would be compensated accordingly. You need to notify them of the downtime and make your claims.

DDos Protection

ScalaCube features offer protection against DDoS attacks. There has been no history of significant DDoS attacks.

MySQL Database

MySQL database included in the services. You can create various MySQL databases for your plugins.

Low Latency / Ping

ScalaCube has servers around the globe to ensure the latency is as low as possible. Users don’t experience any noticeable lags during gameplay.

Automated Backups

Automatic backups to safeguard your data and game progress. With backup updating every day, your data is kept safe and updated. It keeps backups for all servers.

Customer Support

The various mediums of getting assistance through ScalaCube is their 24/7 live chat service and also through support tickets/emails. They also have a knowledgebase for self-help but it is comparatively small.

In case of emergency their live chat response is much appreciated with their quick response time.


The database centers are placed in 13 locations worldwide covering Virginia, Ohio, Oregon, Ireland, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Seoul, Mumbai, and Montreal.

Slot/Player Limitation

They provide you with unlimited player slots. However, the slot limitation depends on the size of RAM so even if you are promised unrestricted slots, be ready to face some lags.

Mods Allowed/Included

All types of mods are included in the servers you can install and have them as you like. Every server plan comes with a set of mod packs for you to choose from.

Java Version Support

The Java version is supported by ScalaCube along with the bedrock edition.

What I like about ScalaCube Hosting

  • The first best thing about Scala hosting is all the features from instant set-up to protections of all sorts.
  • And the second best thing is that they give you the option to set up a server for free if you are someone who can’t afford to subscribe to a server.

What I dislike about ScalaCube Hosting

  • The prices are a bit high compared to other providers.
  • Their refund policy is a little restricted. You can only ask for a refund up to 7 days after making the payment.

3. Bisect Hosting

Bisect Hosting Homepage

BisectHosting claims to provide their services for ten years now, and they have taken care of the needs of users and people who wanted to host throughout that time period. They are one of the best hosting sites available in the market. Also, let’s not forget the various affordable plans Bisect Hosting has to give. Their setup process is only 15 minutes at max.


Bisect Hosting is quite affordable. It offers three annual plans. The minimum RAM available is 1 GB for the price of $2.91 per month. The maximum RAM available is 48 GB, and costs nearly $240 a month.


BisectHosting has a good amount of uptime. There is occasional downtime, but the company still aims to provide the best uptime possible. Interestingly, BisectHosting makes no uptime claim on their website.

Network SLA

According to the Network SLA, even for a brief downtime, they are ready to provide compensation.

DDos Protection

Protection against DDoS makes it one of the safest choices. BisectHosting provides you with free protection against DDoS attacks.

MySQL Database

Yes, a free MySQL database is included in the plans. It allows you to create different databases for all the plugins present or the extra ones you install.

Low Latency / Ping

They have very low latency and ensure a great experience for hosts and players.

But there have been several downtimes reported, but they were resolved within minutes with the help of their excellent technical team.

Automated Backups

Daily automated backups offered are like lockers to save your data and important information. With their 7 days backup storage, backup can be restored to the server. With the basic pack, you are provided with 20 GB storage space for backups.

Customer Support

There is a knowledge base, consisting of answers to all your questions, if you decide to help yourself rather than waiting for their team to support. Through live chat and support tickets you are sure to reach them. Their YouTube channel support videos and guides are a plus.


Their premium servers are hosted from 17 locations around the world promising a smooth functioning once the closest location is opted for. The locations are present in the Netherlands, Los Angeles, France, Buffalo, Australia, Canada, Germany, Poland, Russia, and Singapore.

Slot/Player Limitation

There is a reasonable slot limitation on basic plans, while their premium plans allow unlimited players. Which is fair enough because to host multiple slots you require a lot of space and memory.

Mods Allowed/Included

With all their plans you get access to hundreds of mods. You can pick the ones you like and set them up for installation.

Java Version Support

Java original version is available for the players to host their servers. So those who are in search of Minecraft server hosting services can select the Java original edition.

What I like about Bisect Hosting

  • They are one of the most affordable hosting sites in the market compared to other options.
  • Great support
  • Good reputation and it holds up quite well.

What I dislike about Bisect Hosting

  • Some features require premium packs which are provided in other services’ basic plans as well.

4. Shockbyte Hosting

Shockbyte Homepage

Shockbyte is one of the many providers of hosting services. Along with a large number of games they provide space for Minecraft server hosting. Shockbyte supports all versions of the game. Once chosen they definitely offer you a quick set-up without any delays or excuses. They also promise to offer unlimited NVMe SSD storage and full security and customer support.


The pricing of Shockbyte is very affordable. It starts at $2.50/month with 1GB RAM allowing 20 slots in a server and the rates increase as per the requirements. The most expensive pack comes with 16 GB RAM priced at $40 per month.


Near 100% uptime promise. The Server availability is 24/7.

Although they insist on a 100% uptime, make sure you know that can be technically impossible. You can always check if the servers are down here in this link,

Network SLA

The reviewers/users claim to experience no absolute downtimes. Despite that, the network SLA makes up for the few minutes downtime faced by users by offering compensation. If downtime bothers you, you can request compensation. It is as simple as that!

DDos Protection

All their plans include protection against DDoS attacks.

MySQL Database

MySQL database is commonly used for protecting and keeping the data safe on a server. Shockbyte servers provide you a free MySQL database to store new or old data alike.

Low Latency / Ping

With low latency promised there are very rare chances of lag. There are still chances for lags such as connection lag (latency/ping). The higher the ping, the more lag is experienced by a user. You should locate your server somewhere where there are a lot of players playing in close proximity.

Automated Backups

Automated backups are provided because of which there is no chance of losing your data and progress. And for every server, it is quite essential to keep backing up so the important data isn’t lost. Shockbyte is certainly an expert in doing so.

Customer Support

With 24/7 support their team is always ready to assist you in times of server errors and other problems. Now, some reviews might state otherwise, one of which is that they can take a long time to respond back despite their claiming all time live chat support.

If you want to get in touch with them in some other way, you can do so by a support ticket. They have also provided a knowledge base where you can find the solutions to your problems if they take too long to respond. Or you can reach out to their various social handles in times of emergency.


Shockbyte now is available in locations such as North America, Europe, Singapore, and Australia for server hosting. You know what they say? The more the better. Different locations provide a better chance of low latency.

Slot/Player Limitation

Although providing “unlimited slots” there should still be a reasonable slot limitation to control the lag in the server due to the excessive number of players.

Mods Allowed/Included

All types of mods are included in the servers. ShockByte’s one click offers you to install and use many different modpacks. Some of the included ones are Vanilla, Forge, Technic Modpacks, ATLauncher and much more.

Java Version Support

Shockbyte offers Java and even Bedrock versions for server hosting. You can host servers from all the supported devices.

What I like about Shockbyte Hosting

  • Shockbyte hosting guarantees 100% uptime.
  • If we are to consider its pricing, then it falls on the cheaper side with so many good plans to offer. It’s a win-win.

What I dislike about Shockbyte Hosting

  • The only downsides are limited money-back guarantee and no offers of dedicated servers.

5. Hostinger

Hostinger Minecraft Homepage

Hostinger is considered one of the best place to host a Minecraft server and also the topmost Minecraft server hosting. With fast speeds to the best customer service, they have it all. The most amazing part is the affordable price.

Yes, even with all the generosity of providing their users with high speeds to top-most features they charge very less. The quality of the server is high. It truly is a win.


The price of Hostinger is moderate. Prices range from $6.95 with 2 GB RAM to $77.99 with 16 GB RAM.


Hostinger’s uptime is 99.99% uptime. Sometimes there are some connectivity issues but other than that is servers are up and running.

Network SLA

Network SLA is provided in case you face a downtime they compensate for it. Also, their server loading time is very fast. Their SLA promises great network services, so they work to maintain it in the long run accordingly.

DDos Protection

Their plans offer full DDoS protection. There is no possible harm from attacks but in that case, they are quick to diminish the attacks which provides smooth functionality.

MySQL Database

As we all know how managing databases is a crucial part of any server, so Hostinger offers a free MySQL database available in all their packages. It’s simple interface and availability of providing space to store simply offer the best.

Low Latency / Ping

They offer plenty of locations so latency shouldn’t be an issue. It should also be taken into consideration that your location setup plays a major role in determining your uptime level.

Automated Backups

Automated backups are provided because of which there is no chance of losing your data and progress. Hostinger uses RAID-10 technology, which helps in backing up and restoring data within seconds.

Customer Support

Hostinger has a 24/7 responsive support. Customers in trouble can contact them through live chat, tickets and emails and access to the help provided by the agents.


Data centers are all over the world providing players with the best. The locations for their servers are US, UK, the Netherlands, US, Brazil, Lithuania, and Singapore. The availability of many server locations helps in picking up the location best suited to you.

Slot/Player Limitation

There’s a slot limitation to avoid server crash issues.

Mods Allowed/Included

With all the plans Hostinger offers there are all types of mods allowed to install. All Minecraft plans are offered to allow mods installation with just a click.

Java Version Support

The Java and the bedrock edition is supported by Hostinger. They support the versions of Java 8, Java 11, Java 15, and Java 16.

What I like about Hostinger Hosting

  • They ensure low latency for players located anywhere in the world.
  • With advanced DDoS protection, you can be worry-free.

What I dislike about Hostinger Hosting

  • They aren’t a minecraft focused hosting service and because of this the support won’t as good as some of the other minecraft specific server hosting companies.
  • Daily backups are only possible on servers that are of high plans.

6. GGservers

GGServers Homepage

GGservers is a strong contender in being one of the top minecraft hosting companies. They offer to provide you with the best! While their pricing is not that expensive while still offering great features.


With prices starting at $3 per month with 1 GB RAM, it is quite affordable to get. The maximum RAM you can get is 32 GB, priced at $96 per month.


99.9% uptime so that means the network is mostly available.

Network SLA

Everything comes with two sides; good and bad. Even if the server promises you 24/7 uptime. Even a small technical issue can lead to “server down” but in such cases, GGservers make sure to reimburse their customers.

DDos Protection

All server plans and services have automated DDoS protection, with unmetered SSD storage.

MySQL Database

Full FTP and MySQL database access across plans. This allows users to store their data on all servers in one place making it really accessible.

Low Latency / Ping

They ensure low latency. You are not likely to face any lags. Because of the database centers present all over the globe you are provided with fast server loading and low amount of downtime faced, according to the users.

Automated Backups

Instant backup provided. The data being saved automatically promises you of it not being lost. Although only three of the latest backups are saved and kept because of the data overwritten issues.

Customer Support

GGservers also offers 24/7 tickets and live chat support. They have a discord channel of their own from where you can get the much needed help and suggestions.

Besides all that, the knowledge base on the official website can be used for finding answers to questions that can’t handle the anxiety of waiting for so long.


Locations are in the US, Canada, Singapore, Australia and Europe – across 9 worldwide locations.

Slot/Player Limitation

There is a limit to the players per server plan. Their cheapest plan offers a slot for 12 players, while the pricey one offers 144-player slots.

Mods Allowed/Included

They understand the need for mods in a Minecraft craft server. Mods are used to make the game more appealing and interactive, which is why different types of mods are included in the servers.

Java Version Support

They understand the need for mods in a Minecraft craft server. Mods are used to make the game more appealing and interactive, which is why different types of mods are included in the servers.

What I like about GGserver Hosting

  • The instant setup is the best thing. It saves time and is hassle-free.
  • Good hardware with great pricing
  • They also have low-rate packages for all kinds of customers.

What I dislike about GGserver Hosting

  • There’s a downside to GGserver and it is the lack of features in their most basic plans. It’s a bit disappointing. They ask customers to pay more if they need additional features which are available in basic plans in other servers.

7. MelonCube
MelonCube Homepage

At MelonCube they fill your plate of requirements with their 24/7 Minecraft Hosting at the most affordable prices. They also have hundreds of Modpacks! Yes, you get the choice of looking through hundreds of them and picking the ones you like. They promise you 100% uptime and killer performance.


The affordable Minecraft service is here. It starts at $3 per month for 1 GB of RAM. The maximum RAM you can get is 48 GB for $144 per month.


The Server is available 24/7 with 100% uptime which promises “killer performances”.

Despite their promises, some users faced lags and complained about the same. Although it could be possible that the lags might be caused due to the wrong choice of server locations.

Network SLA

They promise of 100% uptime Network SLA. That just means that they will do everything there is to make sure there is no outages.

DDos Protection

Protection against DDoS attacks included in all plans. The servers have a bandwidth speed of 3 TB. Mitigation will start in just 15 seconds in case of an attack. They have firewalls that are rated 480 Gbps and 360 Gbps.

MySQL Database

MySQL database is available as one of the many features. A MySQL database will be used to store large information used by plugins. At MelonCube Hosting, the database is very easy to use and free of cost.

Low Latency / Ping

1 Gbps connections provided results in the lowest latency. There might be a few downtimes but it resolves in quite some time.

Automated Backups

Automated backups are provided but only at certain costs. You have to specifically purchase the automatic daily backup add-ons to ensure that there is no data loss.

Customer Support

The team is always ready to help you out 24/7. There’s a good knowledge base provided which comes in handy in times of emergencies where you can’t wait for the team to respond.

There is no live chat option available on MelonCube. So if you want to get in touch with customer support, you will have to do it through a ticket system which is available 24/7.


With US and Eastern Europe locations, players in those regions can expect low latency and fast connections.

Slot/Player Limitation

Like all servers there’s a limitation to slots as per the conditions of plans. Player limitations vary depending on the player slots listed on the pricing page, but users can change the number to anything they like. However, do know the lower the RAM, the lower the number of users who can play simultaneously.

Mods Allowed/Included

All types of mods are included in the servers. Adding mods can improve the gaming interface by many levels.

The users need to keep in mind that in order to install mods to the Minecraft server there will be a need for Forge.

Java Version Support

You can host servers using the Java edition on MelonCube as it supports it.

What I like about MelonCube Hosting

  • Meloncube Hosting makes sure to provide low latency.
  • They provide SSD storage.

What I dislike about MelonCube Hosting

  • MelonCube doesn’t cover the Asia-Pacific region which is a downside considering the number of players and fans in the area.

8. ExtraVM

ExtraVM Homepage

ExtraVM is the one to consider if you are in search of a server that is exceptionally good at what they do, with that 100% uptime you would hardly face any issues. Their 24/7 tech support is something good to be taking into consideration. Many recommend ExtraVM as the best server to choose, saying it has “very reliable hosting” so if you are someone looking for one of these options, you should consider Extra VM.


Their prices start as low as $1.90 with 512 MB RAM, on the lower end among competitors. The maximum RAM you can get is 8 GB for $24 per month.


99.93% uptime guaranteed promising server availability. People might experience server lag rarely, but those are so easily fixed, so you have got nothing to worry about!

Network SLA

Although they don’t offer any network SLA, they are ready to compensate if there’s downtime caused because of some technical issues on their side.

DDos Protection

They offer DDoS protection in all their server plans. Different layers of DDoS protection are provided to help mitigate attacks.

MySQL Database

MySQL database gets included in all their plans.

Low Latency / Ping

Zero possible chances of server error with low latency. The customer reviews are mainly positive in terms of low latency. The server rarely lags and provides great uptime.

If some lags occur on the servers, then it could be an issue caused by the wrong choice of location setup.

Automated Backups

Not all servers have automated backups. Additionally, any backups taken are only restored in case of hardware failures, or when a restore fee of $5 is paid.

Customer Support

They have very reliable tech support which is present 24/7. ExtraVM’s technical support can be accessed through tickets and email. There’s also a knowledge base provided for FAQ and know-how.


Located over places like North America, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Canada, and France, it offers great ping to the closest regions.

Slot/Player Limitation

They do not limit player slots; however you’re advised against a large number of slots because many players on the same server will lead to server errors.

Mods Allowed/Included

Every mod pack is allowed. However, you don’t get one-click installations.

Java Version Support

Supports Java 8. All of their Minecraft servers run on the most widely used Java 8. But if you plan on using Java 14, you can do that by naming the jar file “java14.jar” with ZGC.

What I like about ExtraVM Hosting

  • Their reliable servers make it easy to host games. And with their 24/7 tech support, there is no need to suffer from waiting for long.
  • They also have very affordable plans, which are one of the best in the market.

What I dislike about ExtraVM Hosting

  • ExtraVM doesn’t allow registering for a domain, which is kind of a letdown.

9. ServerMiner

ServerMiner Homepage

ServerMiner is a strong contender when it comes to minecraft server hosting. With its easy-to-use and smooth interface, you can now get your preferable Minecraft versions with just a tap. They also offer great ddos protection.


The pricing for ServerMiner starts at $7.58 per month for a slot of 15 players. The 100 player slot is $47.47.


Near 100% uptime. Network availability is 24/7.

Customers claim to have faced no downtime. In rare cases of “technology down” moments, there might have been some issues regarding servers, otherwise, it is rated as a server with great uptime.

Network SLA

They compensate for downtime and state an uptime close to 100%, but I didn’t find any specific Network SLA policy.

DDos Protection

Full DDoS protection with many hosting plans.

MySQL Database

They offer a MySQL Database.

Low Latency / Ping

Users report low latency. ServerMiner has teamed up with phoenixNAP as their bandwidth and network provider.

Some users report some loading issues – but most issues are solved within minutes.

Automated Backups

Their Automated backups help in backing up data from time to time. ServerMiner automatically backs up your server every 24 hours which ensures data safety.

Customer Support

With 24/7 support you are sure to get your issues fixed. The reviews claim that they get back to you quickly offering a very reliable service. All their needs were being catered to with the availability of a support team.


They offer many different locations including: Germany, Canada, US, Finland, Sydney, and Singapore.

Slot/Player Limitation

They put a limit to the slots according to the plans they provide. The slots assigned keep increasing as the value of plans increases.

Mods Allowed/Included

Different modpacks are available to choose from. But if you want a Minecraft Server with mods, you must tell the other players that they need to have the same mods included.

Java Version Support

Java edition is supported. At ServerMiner you can change between the different versions of Java. Much preferred is the latest version.

What I like about ServerMiner Hosting

  • Their unique control panel and the services that provide quality to their servers is alone enough to make me like them along with the quick set-up process.

What I dislike about ServerMiner Hosting

  • Their customer service isn’t that responsive although they claim to be 24/7 available.

10. Sparkedhost

Sparked Hosting Homepage

Sparkedhost has managed to sparkle by granting its trusted customers the best quality of hosting services with a plethora of exciting features. Since 2017 they have been providing “most powerful”, “most reliable” and “highest quality hosting” only at the best rates. From catering to your needs of a smooth interface to taking care of your concern by ensuring protection against DDoS attacks, Sparkedhost manages to win the hearts of many customers.


With pricing so affordable, the cheapest plan starts at $1.50 every three months with 512 MB RAM. The maximum RAM you can get is 32 GB which is priced at $52 per month.


99.9% overall uptime. Network availability is 24/7. There is a history of previous downtime but they were not for that long and were resolved in time. Sparkedhost manages to maintain its uptime mostly.

Network SLA

The customers would be reimbursed if severe technical issues lead to a ‘server down’ phase. SparkedHost guarantees a 99.99% network available for its resources.

DDos Protection

Safe from DDoS attacks. The site offers Anti-DDOS game protection, and has teamed up with Cosmic Guard to offer players protection against DDOS attacks and ensure low latency gameplay.

MySQL Database

Included in all their plans. Store large amounts of data and gaming generates a lot of data that can be stored in a MySQL database so that it remains secure in a place.

Low Latency / Ping

Quality of bandwidth results in low latency along with many other factors, such as server locations and the devices you are hosting your Minecraft server.

There has been latency in the server previously but not so bad that it couldn’t be fixed in time.

Automated Backups

With automated backups available, your data gets backed up from time to time. The time period in which data generally backs up is 24 hours.

Customer Support

With 24/7 support their team is always available for their customers. The SparkedHost team is considered an excellent support team. You can reach out to them through live chat, support ticket system, and email. Some users report though that they are not always as responsive and resourceful as they would like.


They promise the best service regardless of your location because of the premium location around the globe. They have servers in 8 locations such as Miami, London, Sydney, Singapore, and Falkenstein.

Slot/Player Limitation

If you want to consider unlimited slots available on all plans the best part, then surely it is the best part. But keep in mind that no unlimited slots can help in the smooth functioning of a server, especially if it’s on a cheap plan.

Mods Allowed/Included

You are allowed to access many mods of your choice. There are many provided and you can even install as many as you like.

Java Version Support

Sparkedhost offers both java and bedrock versions. Java original edition is supported by most of the servers.

What I like about SparkedHost Hosting

The most reliable to consider about their instant set-up and 24 hour free trial.

What I dislike about SparkedHost Hosting

Given the unlimited slots in their cheapest plans, the servers can lag a bit. They are still a young company so their customer support is a little slow but still acceptable.

11. Homepage

GameTeam is still new to the Minecraft hosting space, but even being new, it has managed to secure a place in the good books of its customers. If we are to consider its prices, then they are quite affordable, and with that, it also promises to provide its users the very best. Although there is room for improvement, it can still be considered best to keep in mind all the features that are offered.


The prices of GameTeam are moderately priced. You can find options that are more or less expensive. The most affordable option is with 2 GB RAM priced at $8 per month. The most expensive option is with 32 GB RAM priced at $128 per month.


They strictly stick to 99.9% uptime. No history of downtime has been recorded for the past few months.

Downtime might only occur in cases of poor network connection or player’s devices not meeting the requirements.

Network SLA offers an incident history here. claims to offer 99.999% uptime SLA, but we found no history about possible previous SLA incidents.

DDos Protection

They do offer full protection against DDoS attacks at 1 Gbps.

MySQL Database

MySQL database is included in all of their plans. Saving up all the information is necessary considering technical issues and the need to recover all that data may arise or later.

Low Latency / Ping

Chances of server lagging is less because of all the connections formed by databases present around the globe, providing Low latency.

Automated Backups

With all the information floating around on the internet, saving it somewhere has become so important. Even if it’s gaming data, it is important to back it up. Automated backups are provided by GameTeam to ensure 100% data safety.

Customer Support

With 24/7 support, the site has got many good reviews for having one of the best customer support systems. You can also contact them through a built-in chat function.


They have 25+ server locations all over the world which can result in no connection lag and the comfort of hosting without wasting your time on low server loading.

Slot/Player Limitation

There’s no limitation to slots. They claim unlimited player slots. However, this can be only possible if the RAM is big enough to handle a swarm of people without crashing down.

Mods Allowed/Included

Many mods are included in the servers and a lot more are allowed to be installed. You can enjoy the liberty of going through mod packs to add or unadd them as you like.

Java Version Support

GameTeam offers the latest version of java and even a bedrock version for server hosting.

What I like about Gameteam Hosting

  • The backup remains for 7 days and it’s stored on SSD.
  • They have multiple packages, some of them are one of the most affordable in the market.

What I dislike about Gameteam Hosting

  • Compared to their competitors they might have slower customer support.

12. HostHavoc

Host Havoc Homepage

When it comes to delivering the best of the best services, only a few of the sites can do so. If you opt for HostHavoc as your Minecraft server hosting, then you will get an instant activation/setup. The panel suite would be as you need, and you will be able to use it most easily. Oh, and it promises you automatic backups.


The pricing of HostHavoc might be a bit high. Their monthly plans start at $5 with 1GB RAM (4 slots) and exceed up to $80 with 16 GB (250+ slots).


99.9% uptime is provided. They claim ‘high network availability’ because of the locations of data centers. According to many users, they didn’t face problems with the functioning of servers.

Network SLA

There is a service downtime (which takes place instantly due to technical issues) and the other one is scheduled service downtime (which takes place after notifying the clients beforehand for maintenance of servers).

Under SLA, an amount is credited to the customers if the 100% uptime isn’t met, the amount is also known as ‘performance credit’.

DDos Protection

DDoS attacks are common to ensure a smooth running server protection is necessarily provided. They provide protection against 35+ types of attacks so you can be secure.

MySQL Database

Like every other server they provide a MySQL database for collection of data and all the information used up by various plugins.

Low Latency / Ping

Users report a ping lag time of 10-30 ms, with no big errors or bad pings. That’s significantly good, compared to some other hosting providers we have reviewed.

Automated Backups

Automated backups are provided. No losing your data and progress. The automatic backup is to be activated through your Multicraft panel.

Customer Support

With real person 24/7 support you are sure to get the needed help in time. They have the best team of customer service, they are quite responsive and very decent in their approach to their customers.


They have 10 data centers throughout the world, in locations like Seattle, New York City, Montreal, London (UK), Strasbourg (France), Nuremberg (Germany), and Sydney (Australia).

Slot/Player Limitation

There is a slot limitation in the plans offered by the server. This slot depends on whether the server has any mod applied or not.

Mods Allowed/Included

Different mods are supported on the server like Vanilla, ATLauncher, Technic. You can choose any mods available on the Steam workshop.

Java Version Support

Hosting server from all the supported devices is possible as HostHavoc supports Java edition.

What I like about HostHavoc Hosting

  • For a smooth functioning game server, SSD is used.
  • Offers real person support with a fast response rate.

What I dislike about HostHavoc Hosting

  • One disadvantage is that it might take a bit to start up a server.

Minimum Minecraft Server Hosting Requirements

So you are planning for Minecraft server hosting, it is most likely that you must be wondering about all the requirements up would need to reach to successfully host a gaming server. The bad news is that hosting a game consists of many headaches, and it also takes up plenty of resources.

Now, Minecraft doesn’t require a huge amount of resources. With 1 GB RAM and 1 CPU core, you’re all set to go.

Hardware Requirements are:

  • DDoS Protection
  • 8Ghz CPU
  • 6+ GB RAM (if you need it for your own computer)
  • 1+ GB RAM
  • Automated backups
  • Very fast connection

If you are planning to host a server, the consumption of resources would be high, causing it to lag. But if your device is not lacking in resources, then you can host a server worry-free.

What to Look for in a Minecraft Server Hosting?

If you are looking for Minecraft Server Hosting, you might have a lot of things on your mind, like the best features and securities. What is better than Minecraft server hosting if it promises you the best services being budget-friendly?

Minecraft comes up with many conditions which you need to take care of if you want to set up server hosting. And you need to consider the essential aspects as well like:

Processor / CPU

Web hosting necessarily requires good processors. And while hosting games, you will need to have a powerful one. Processor time is fixed according to the plans of server hosting you chose.

Getting devices with such strong processors is important to have a smooth running time.

Hard Drive

If you are someone who has a knowledge of servers or has dealt with servers before then, you must be aware of how essential space is. If you want to host a lot of players, then you would require huge space for ceaseless gameplay. In that case, always opt for a plan that provides an SSD for the server. An SSD ensures that you get less lag as it supports much higher read and writes speed as compared to a hard drive.


It would be better if you choose a plan that offers more RAM because if you plan to host a large number of people, it can get a bit tricky with the memory because if the RAM is less than the data, then it would require exchanging the data with time which would result in low performance. You wouldn’t want that now, would you?

Minecraft-Specific Support

It is obvious that you want to find the best Minecraft server host specifically, so keeping that in mind, you should look for servers providing additional support for Minecraft hosting along with basic ones.

Under this Minecraft-Specific Support, you will get assistance in setting up your server and in various other processes. So if you require time-saving servers, you should look for the ones where the support is Minecraft-specific.

Low Latency / Ping

Another good thing you might desire is low latency. It refers to the time taken by a server to process and load data. A server providing ultra-low latency should be considered in that case because it ensures a smooth interface.


Smooth gameplay is also affected by the server locations, yes. If you choose a server that isn’t localized, that might result in high latency/lags.

While looking for a minecraft server hosting, you should also inquire if the servers are spread all over the globe. It makes it easy for you to choose the closest possible one resulting in smooth gameplay.

Storage Type & Space

Minecraft servers that function properly generally run on large spaces. So it is much preferred that you choose SSD-based server hosting.

Some Minecraft server hostings would provide you with an SSD-based server which would typically be faster than an HDD.

Customer Support

It is a very known fact that people love the server, which offers the best customer service and support. Because things are supposed to go wrong anywhere. It could be increased lags, a small server error, or even big things but the best customer support provides the best solution to your problems within minutes. They can handle and solve errors within a small span of time.

And honestly speaking, every member deserves to have such good and genuine support. So if you want to pick a Minecraft hosting server, you should go for the one which has 24/7 customer support.

Security & Privacy

The best Minecraft hosts value their user’s and members’ security and privacy. The best thing they can provide, along with many other essential features, is a promise of good security and of privacy being protected. And also shielding against server attacks like DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service).

Choosing a dependable and best server which takes care of all the security threats should be your go-to Minecraft server hosting choice.

Easy To Set-up

Generally, good Server Hosting would provide you with an effortless setup that is quick. People with less time on their hands would need to look for the servers that make the whole setup process as easy as clicking a button. It saves you time and all the hard work of going through time taking processes.

Mods Allowed/Included

Mods in gaming servers can provide new features and tools and even change the interface of a game. The larger number of mods allowed, the better. Because one tends to get bored of playing the same game over time and requires a little change from time to time.

So keeping your requirements in mind, ensure that you choose a server that allows various mods.


Now the most important thing to consider while choosing a server is the price at which it is offering the service. All the nice features and services provided might seem tempting, but you can not actually get them if the server you liked is not under your budget.

While you may want to get the best of the best, you might want to check if it is budget-friendly or not. Many servers offer cheap monthly packages, so if you are a beginner looking to try good servers, you can opt for those servers but remember they won’t be offering the best. It is still a good choice, though.


To host a server, you need a good-speed network connection. While using a server you might not require much, but if you pick a better bandwidth, it will improve the overall ping of all players.

What is Minecraft Server Hosting?

Let’s say someone wants to play multiplayer in Minecraft, then they would need a server where other players are playing. They can choose a public server, create their own or rent a hosting. Minecraft server hosting is an internet hosting service where you are allowed to host your own server and rent it out to many players. They can join the server you created and play in your world with so many other people.

Benefits of Running Your Own Minecraft Server

Now, if you own something, the benefits it has to give are yours to cherish. In the same way, running your own Minecraft server might prove to be very advantageous for you.

Although it could be difficult to host your own server if you have no access to quality resources or, in simple terms, if you lack the basic requirements. And if you have the mediums to fulfill those needs, then don’t hold yourself back. Give it a try. I will list down some benefits you could get if you start owning a server:

1. Add Any Mods You Like

The best thing you could get by running your own server is freedom. Freedom to do as you please, freedom to add or remove anything. Now, doesn’t that sound tempting? Well, yes, you can add any mods you like.

How many times it has happened to you on the servers you purchased you weren’t satisfied with the mods they provided? Well, not anymore. If you plan on creating your own server, then you are going to enjoy the liberty of adding the mods you prefer.

2. Build Your Own Community

Imagine a group of people who talk and bond with each other on Minecraft and play multiplayer together. Sounds wholesome, right? Well, you know what you can do having a server of your own. You can create a world and form your very own virtual community and talk.

Honestly speaking humans require company be it in real life or digitally, and there is nothing better than having people over your server in a close connection.

3. Monetize and Make Money from your Minecraft Server

You do require funds to manage Minecraft servers in the long run, and a large number of players means a huge budget.  So if you are someone who plans on including many people, then you need to spend money, but don’t worry, there are ways to earn money too.

You can monetize your own Minecraft server and make money. This can be done through advertising, setting up online stores, and much more. Oh, and if you have got a generous community, they can make donations to your server. And if you manage to secure sponsorships, you are to make a decent amount of money.

4. Can be used as a teaching tool

Your Minecraft server can be used as an educational tool. Yes, being an innovative building game, it has so much more to offer besides creativity. With Minecraft people can learn many life skills.

And using a Minecraft server for teaching purposes could prove to be beneficial. Decision-making, rational thinking skills to advanced creativity. Who knew learning could be so much fun?

5. Can be used for content creation on Youtube

In this era of YouTube and content, it would be no surprise if you are a YouTuber looking for Minecraft content to publish. Do you know owning a Minecraft server that is considered good can give you many opportunities to create content for YouTube.

And you are aware of the benefits of creating Minecraft projects for content, considering how Minecraft is a beloved game among many.

Is It Free To Host a Minecraft Server?

Although to get the best servers, you need to spend some bills, if you are someone who does not want the best and is only looking to test and try various Minecraft server hosting, then free options might be your first priority.

Lucky for you; there are Minecraft server hosting companies offering this.

How To Rent Minecraft Server

Do you want to buy a Minecraft server? Then there are plenty of options to pick from. From best to quite affordable servers, you can choose the one you desire. Examples of some of the best servers are; Apex Hosting, Hostinger, Scala Hosting, and many more. You can see if a server hosting meets your expectations and choose as you want.

How Long Does It Take to Set Up Minecraft Server Hosting?

It may take some of your time to find a Minecraft server hosting plan. After buying it, the setting up generally takes less than 5 minutes.

How Can I Buy a Minecraft Hosting Service?

If you want to play multiplayer and are looking to purchase Minecraft hosting service, you can select the best one from the top server hosting. You need to check if the one you chose fulfills your requirements and is within your budget, and if it ensures the safety you are searching for in a server, then you can buy it on the given website. It will only take 5 to 10 minutes to set up and be ready for use.

How much is a server host Minecraft? How much does a Minecraft server cost per month?

The price of hosting Minecraft servers depends on its provider. It can range from $0 for a dozen people to $96 a month for many players. But, there it really depends on everything like how many plugins you have, how well they are optimized and coded, how many players will it be able to support.

Minecraft Server Hosting FAQS

Below are frequently asked questions regarding Minecraft server hosting!

Is Minecraft free?

It would have been nice to get it for free, but Minecraft is not free. Costs might differ according to the different versions of it. For the bedrock edition, Minecraft charges you $29.99, while the Java edition costs you $29.95. And $6.99 for the pocket edition.

Why do you need a server for Minecraft?

Anyone who wants to play Minecraft with their friends or relatives needs to have a server where you all can play. A server allows players to connect therefore, you need a server to play multiplayer in Minecraft.

What does it mean to host a Minecraft server?

Through hosting a Minecraft Server, any individual can join your server and play multiplayer in your Minecraft world.

Do you have to pay for a Minecraft server to play with friends?

You can play multiplayer for free with your friends if you join a public server, the only downside is that you will be playing with many other people. If you only want to play, you can start your own server for free if your pc has the basic requirements. Other ways to play with your friends are opting for paid or premium servers which ensure security and stability.

Can you host a Minecraft server for free?

You can host a Minecraft server for free. You need to pay to host a Minecraft server if you require good security along with other great features.

Can I host a Minecraft server on my computer?

The answer is yes. You can host a Minecraft server on your computer if it meets the requirements of starting a server.

What do you need to host a Minecraft server?

To host a Minecraft server, you would need a Windows 10 desktop. The commonly preferred RAM of 4 GB and of course, a decent wired network.

Pros of Hosting Your Own Minecraft Server

You must be wondering what the benefits of hosting your own Minecraft server are.

  • You can host it for FREE!
  • You can customize the server much more and it all runs on your network

Cons of Hosting Your Own Minecraft Server

  • Bandwidth can become a problem if you decide to host a server with lots of people.
  • Your computer might start to lag because it’s taking resources from the server
  • You can only have a limited amount of players because you need to run other things on your PC.
  • You could get DDOSed and have your network disturbed.

How many players can be on a Minecraft server?

When it comes to hosting, different servers are able to host different numbers of players.

Is 2GB RAM enough for a Minecraft server?

Yes, 2 GB RAM is good enough for a Minecraft server for a few friends to play, considering it allows you to start with 1 GB RAM. With 2 GB RAM you can create your world in Minecraft and invite your friends over to your server.

How many GB of RAM do I need for the Minecraft server?

The RAM size that is generally recommended is 1GB. The number of players a 1 GB RAM can hold is 10. Although you can increase your RAM size for smoother gameplay.

What is the best free server hosting for Minecraft?

Although free server hosting is not at all favoured because of all the disadvantages, you can still get ScalaCube as free server hosting for Minecraft. Something that people usually pay for being offered to you for free, sounds excellent, right? From automated backups to DDoS protection, it offers it all. If you are a newbie trying to test out servers and trying to learn a bit about hosting Minecraft servers, ScalaCube is your go-to for free server hosting.

What host does Hypixel use?

They use dedicated server hosting, which is different from shared server hosting. Which only allows the preferred members to join. You can host a private server, and it is your wish to allow and decline anyone.

Final Thoughts

I hope you guys my list of the best Minecraft server hostings. If you have any questions or concerns on picking which Minecraft server hosting is right for you or not, feel free to contact me!

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